Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

Are you still working with Covid-19? 

Yes! We are still working to provide estimates and working on current projects. For our estimates, we do not need to come into contact with to provide your estimate. 

How can I get an estimate and stay safe? 

We have a few options for this! 

  1. Virtual - you take your own measurements, email over a description of what you're looking for along with your measurements. We can provide a rough estimate with this information and get your quote started. 
  2. Phone - we can walk you through the information we need as you're doing it! You just need a tape measure and a camera (one on your phone is great). 
  3. Social distancing walkthrough - You can stay inside your home or inside your door. Feel free to talk to us on the phone as we walk the grounds and take measurements. We will go over any questions you have through the door or phone and then create your estimate! 

What does the production look like? 

Currently, we are still working with reduced crews, and will continue to do so on the projects that we have pre-staged as those projects do not require us to go into stores. If we have your supplies already in our warehouse, we will do our best to keep production going. 

Safety First

Safety is our first priority. That's why we're moving forward with projects that are pre-staged so we can practice social distancing by not going into physical stores and making sure we utilize social distancing with our clients as well. 

City & County Regulations

We will make sure to follow all city/county regulations. If a shelter in place order does go into effect obviously we will not be able to continue working but will pick up as soon as we are able.